J.Rocc Presents: James Brown & Friends Pt.2

Salve Povo do BEN!

Mix do J.Rocc em homenagem ao “Pai do Funk”o Mr. Dynamite! J.Rocc dá uma aula de mixagem, cortes, efeitos, e tudo isso de uma forma muito simples com vários clássicos do “GodFather”.

01. Intro/The Boss
02. Gimme Some More (2 Times)
03. Hot Pants Road
04. Pass The Peas
05. More Peas
06. Aint It Funky
07. Soul Power ’74
08. Party
09. Im Paying Taxes But What Am I Buying
10. Mama Feelgood
11. I Got Ants In My Pants (And I Want To Dance)
12. Sex Machine
13. Cold Sweat
14. There Was A Time
15. Funky Drummer
16. Make It Funky
17. Blind Man Can See It
18. You Can Have Watergate But Gimmie Some Bucks And Ill Be Straight
19. Let A Man Come In And Do Popcorn
20. Lick It/How You Gonna Get Respect
21. Honky Tonk
22. Think (About It)
23. Mother Popcorn
24. Baby, Here I Come
25. Popcorn With A Feeling
26. Take Me, Just As I Am
27. Take Some Leave Some
28. Transmograpification
29. Same Beat

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No mais… boa audição


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